Get your head in the game!

As the lead up to Christmas is fast approaching and the Pimms and BBQ season is well and truly over, it’s no secret that we are all looking for ways to get a health kick before the month long December festivities begin.

Here at field&flower, we pride ourselves on ethically sourcing our wild bird and game meat from the best farms in the West Country, to ensure we’re exceeding the highest hunting standards and providing a delicious variety of game that is natural, flavorsome and lean.

Introduce game into your diet and we promise you’ll never look back. Check out our Top 5 reasons to eat game this year…

  1. LEAN Game is typically lower in calories, fat and cholesterol compared to other meats such as beef and pork, whilst still being a brilliant source of protein, minerals, zinc and iron.
  2. GOOD SOURCE OF FAT When you think Omega-3, salmon usually springs to mind. But wild game such as venison has the perfect ratio of Omega-3 to Omega-6 fatty acids, making game one of the healthiest sources of good fat on earth.
  3. NATURAL There’s nothing artificial. Wild game is free range, sustainable and a natural and organically sourced meat option.
  4. FLAVOUR The delicate hanging process of Game meat produces a more mild, unique and delicious flavour.
  5. HEALTH BENEFITS Eating game is a healthy and affordable way of attaining conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). CLA is commonly used as a supplement to enhance weight-loss and build muscle.

Along with these great health benefits, wild game is also versatile and flavoursome. Kick off your love affair with game by trying out some of the recipes we’ve added to our ‘Wild Game Recipes’ section. You’ll love the Pot Roast Pheasant!

Pot Roast Pheasant

Pot Roast Pheasant


Getting creative in the kitchen with wild game

It’s the perfect time for wild game and it’s proving so popular at the moment, but for those of you who are less familiar (but perhaps a little curious), it can be difficult to know what it’s all about and what exactly you can do with it. But don’t worry, we’re here to help.


So OK, we may be a little biased, but game really is a fantastic meat choice. First of all it is absolutely delicious. Our wild birds and animals are sourced from the Mells Estate owned by Lord Oxford and only eat a natural (but very varied) diet of grasses, insects and berries which results in a much more developed and intensified flavour than other animals that only eat grass.

Our game is well hung too which helps to tenderize the meat and further allow the flavours to mature their rich and extraordinary ‘gamey’ taste. The shorter the hanging time the milder the flavour, and unlike our beef, we usually hang wild game for days rather than weeks, ranging from about 2 days for rabbit up to 12 days for venison.

And finally, there are plenty of health benefits too. Thanks to the animals’ extremely active lives in the wild, they have a lot of lean muscle which contributes to a very low fat content. Typically, game contains less calories than other meats such as pork and beef whilst also being a brilliant source of protein and minerals zinc and iron.

So if you fancy trying some of our wild game, but don’t really know what to do with it, we’ve been doing a lot of experimenting in the kitchen for you recently, putting together a few of our favourite recipes. Try them and let us know what you think or maybe just take some inspiration to come up with your own dish – our wild rabbit pie (pictured) is a firm favourite with company founder James Mansfield, while James Flower prefers the more subtle flavour of our partridge breasts with bacon, apple and thyme.

Make sure you head to our homemade recipes section on our website for more wild game inspiration or get in touch if you’ve got one you’d like to share – we’d love to try it!

Our favourite recipes


At field&flower we love it when you send us your pictures. Here are some of our favourite recipes.

Next time you’re cooking up a storm in the kitchen with field&flower meat tweet us a picture, we love seeing your recipes.


Field&flower rib-eye steak with chips by Urban. You can buy Rib-eye steaks here:

Field&flower homemade lamb burgers with avocado, cheese, rocket and bacon by Mairi.

Chilli using field&flower beef mince by Frey Fitness

Roast chicken by Pip using a field&flower free range chicken.

Pork and beef meatballs made by Liz.

Field&flower fillet steak with chips and salad by Mairi.

Rib eye steak, sweet corn fritter and stuffed courgette flower by Guy.