A truly tasty free range Christmas Turkey…

With bonfire night over, we’ve already seen the shelves heaving with advent calendars, and we might have shed a tear at the John Lewis advert too. The countdown to Christmas is upon us, and it’s time to talk Turkey.

At field&flower we’re proud to be great friends with our free-range poultry farmer Stu, and we regularly visit the farm in the lead up to Christmas so we can share the journey of our Christmas turkeys with you.

Stu Perkins - Poultry Farmer

Stu Perkins – Poultry Farmer

Christmas is on Stu’s mind from February. This is when he puts in his bronze turkey order at the hatchery. His focus is on quality not quantity, thus Stu keeps his orders restricted to a small number so there is less stress on the birds. Stu chooses to farm this particular breed as they are naturally slow growing, and ultimately produce a better flavour. He rears his turkeys to full maturity, leading an active life for over 28 weeks, double the lifespan of supermarket birds.

In order to guarantee a truly free range turkey, Stu allows them to roam in endless space for their entire lives. They’re fed on a diet of homegrown cereals to ensure they thrive and grow to a healthy weight.

When the time comes to process the turkeys in early December, they are walked by Stu to the abbatoir on his farm. This creates zero food miles and prevents further stress for the birds. The turkeys are hung for two weeks which created optimum flavour and tenderness.  Then, before you know it, we carefully pack the turkeys and deliver them straight to your door ready for your Christmas dinner.


You can tell, we think Stu is great. We asked Stu why he believes that a field&flower turkey is the right choice this Christmas

‘I think that when you buy a field&flower turkey, and what’s great about all the stuff they do, is that they know the farm, they know where their meat is coming from. James and James come here, they know the farm and have seen the birds that they are purchasing. True provenance and traceability. You’re not only getting a high welfare product sourced straight from the farm, you’re also getting a bird that it’s been processed in such a way that it’s at its optimum eating quality’

For these reasons we pay Stu 40 percent more than he would if he sold his flock to mass producing retailers. This then allows him to invest more in his farm and continue to specialise in breeding high-welfare birds. We feel so proud that we are able to not only offer a product of the highest quality but can also share a story behind your Christmas turkey too.

A field&flower free range Christmas Turkey

A field&flower free range Christmas Turkey

Don’t forget you can order your Christmas turkey with us now! We’re doing crowns, breasts and whole turkeys. Whether you’re feeding a few, or a big family we’ve got Christmas dinner sorted.  We deliver on Christmas eve too!


Our flexible ordering system


One of the main reasons we started field&flower was to offer a flexible way to order quality and ethical meat. We understand that choosing meat is a personal thing and you place a certain amount of trust in us being your supplier.

You have a very flexible way of personalising your meat box, you simply choose each individual cut using our credit based system and place the individual cuts in your box. As you choose a cut the credits reduce down until you’ve spent your allocation (more information below). We know buying meat is a personal thing so James and I always farm, source and butcher the very best cuts. We’ve both even picked and packed every single box that’s ever left our butchery!

1. First decide whether you want a small, medium or large box, we recommend small boxes for meat bachelors, couples and small families. Medium and large boxes tend to suit those people who eat a bit more meat. You can always swap between box sizes to find the size that suits you.

2. Each box size will display the credits you have to use to complete your order; a small box is £55 which is 85 credits, you can always go over your credit allocation.

3. Each box has 4 departments to choose from;

•             Roasting joints

•             Steaks, Chops and Fillets

•             The Pantry

•             Wild Game

4. Each product has information listed about how many it feeds, how much it weighs and some information about the cut of meat.

5. You can change your box content before each delivery if you wish, look out for the reminder email about your next box. You can also change your box size and your delivery date as often as you like.

6. Keep a look out for the special offers each month and new seasonal produce.

7. We send the boxes every 4 weeks but if you wish to change your delivery frequency you just have to email James: jamesmansfield@fieldandflower.co.uk

8. There is no contract or tie-in.

9. We are a small business so please feel free to call 08456 899 007 or email info@fieldandflower.co.uk if you require any assistance.

So, now get going! Choose from our different sections, what do you fancy? Sirloin steak? Pork belly?