Written by Alice the chef.

It’s National Fishing Week and what better way to celebrate it than with our new range of fish. It’s a great healthy option and perfect for light meals for those Summer evenings!

My first memory of fishing goes back to catching a Dover Sole on the South coast and taking it him for dinner on the BBQ that night. My sister named it Bob in the attempt to make us feel bad about eating it but unfortunately this didn’t work. My sister has been a vegetarian since…

But for those fish lovers out there, you’ll be glad to know that our fish is highly sustainable! Our fishermen are based at two of the largest and most sustainable fishing ports in the West Country; Newlyn and Brixham. Our fish is caught using traditional line caught methods on slow-moving day boats, which means they catch fish by towing a lure or baited hook and return to the port the same day, guaranteeing the freshest catch.

Our fish range is always growing and reflects the changing seasons. Currently we have 12 options available.

Our most popular fish options to date include the following:

  1. Salmon fillets
  2. Fish Pie mix
  3. Cod fillets
  4. Hake fillets
  5. Mackerel fillets

We also have a great range of fish recipes available on our website at the moment, including our Monkfish Kebabs (perfect for the BBQ!) and a light and tasty recipe for Cod with Chermoula. For more recipes click here.


Let us know how you’ll be cooking your fish this week! Or tweet/tag pictures to @fieldandflower with the #ASKAlice hashtag.
For more information on our fish please click here.

2015… where do we start?

As 2015 comes to a close, it calls for a time of reflection, and what a great year we’ve had here at field&flower. 2015 you were good to us! So here’s a quick round up of what we’ve been up to this year.


In June we were crowned with three new shiny Taste of the West Awards! We won two Silver for our sirloin steaks and topside roasting joint, and also a Highly Commended honour for our 2-bone rib of beef. So maybe it’s time to beef up your next box!

We’re also very proud to have been awarded runner up in this year’s Observer food Monthly Awards for the Best Independent Retailer 2015. A huge thank you to all of you that took the time to vote.

taste-of-the-west awards

 The arrival of our 2nd field&flower pup!

Arthur. The apple of our Rib-eye, the beef to our burger and the pig to our blanket. Since June we have been blessed with our second field&flower puppy, who has four small paws, loves cheerios and is considering taking up a modelling career. We are hoping that Molly, our first field&flower puppy, and Arthur will be able to meet very soon! Arthur has been overwhelmed by the loving response from our followers and is looking forward to his first traditional family Christmas in Clapham.

arthur xmas jumper cropped

The revamp of our cheese range

The revamp of our cheese range was a great success, and with the help of our very own cheese enthusiast Sophie Cooper, we have been able to offer you all a wealth of classic and unique cheeses straight from the West Country just in time for Christmas. A few of our new cheeses include the likes of Blacksticks blue, Tuxford and Tebbet Stilton and the show stopping Goddess. Unfortunately for us, the cheese had to be sampled, and with much persuasion, we so kindly obliged. You will find our cheese in three different handpicked one-off boxes, or by their lonesome in the farm shop.

Cheese picture

New boxes

We love being able to create one-off boxes as it allows for everyone to try a mixture of our products that they may not necessarily choose to put in their regular box or buy from the farm shop. This year we have added seven successful new boxes to our range…

The little cheese box £25

The big cheese box £38

The artisan cheese box £29

The little lean muscle mass box £36

The sharing steak box £68

The alternative steak box £44.65

The luxury steak box £62.50

… and will continue to keep adding to our range in the New Year!


I’m sure you have all HERD about, seen or read our new newspaper by now! HERD is the first edition of many delightful and informative bi-annual reads to come. We can’t thank our head of design, Lizzie Purchase, enough for all her hard work in producing such a great product that really represents everything we stand for as a brand. We really hope you all enjoyed reading about field&flower!

herd magazine

Branded condiments

With the launch of our new cheese range, and Christmas being a time of giving, we thought what could be more fitting than introducing an abundance of delicious field&flower condiments to jazz up your cheeseboards, food cupboards and dining tables. We have a variety of different flavours from spicy tomato and camarelised onion to wild orange marmalade, which are sure to make the perfect companion to any wedge of cheese, cold meat or simply spread on bread

 Condiments picture

 We’ve got our nets at the ready for 2016!

After the excitement of Christmas and New Year’s Eve, we all love having something to look forward to. Due to the success of expanding our Cheese Range in November, we thought what could be better than introducing a school of new fish to the field&flower family. Unfortunately our lips will remain tightly sealed until January, but all we can say is watch this space and we can’t wait to see to see what 2016 brings!



A truly tasty free range Christmas Turkey…

With bonfire night over, we’ve already seen the shelves heaving with advent calendars, and we might have shed a tear at the John Lewis advert too. The countdown to Christmas is upon us, and it’s time to talk Turkey.

At field&flower we’re proud to be great friends with our free-range poultry farmer Stu, and we regularly visit the farm in the lead up to Christmas so we can share the journey of our Christmas turkeys with you.

Stu Perkins - Poultry Farmer

Stu Perkins – Poultry Farmer

Christmas is on Stu’s mind from February. This is when he puts in his bronze turkey order at the hatchery. His focus is on quality not quantity, thus Stu keeps his orders restricted to a small number so there is less stress on the birds. Stu chooses to farm this particular breed as they are naturally slow growing, and ultimately produce a better flavour. He rears his turkeys to full maturity, leading an active life for over 28 weeks, double the lifespan of supermarket birds.

In order to guarantee a truly free range turkey, Stu allows them to roam in endless space for their entire lives. They’re fed on a diet of homegrown cereals to ensure they thrive and grow to a healthy weight.

When the time comes to process the turkeys in early December, they are walked by Stu to the abbatoir on his farm. This creates zero food miles and prevents further stress for the birds. The turkeys are hung for two weeks which created optimum flavour and tenderness.  Then, before you know it, we carefully pack the turkeys and deliver them straight to your door ready for your Christmas dinner.


You can tell, we think Stu is great. We asked Stu why he believes that a field&flower turkey is the right choice this Christmas

‘I think that when you buy a field&flower turkey, and what’s great about all the stuff they do, is that they know the farm, they know where their meat is coming from. James and James come here, they know the farm and have seen the birds that they are purchasing. True provenance and traceability. You’re not only getting a high welfare product sourced straight from the farm, you’re also getting a bird that it’s been processed in such a way that it’s at its optimum eating quality’

For these reasons we pay Stu 40 percent more than he would if he sold his flock to mass producing retailers. This then allows him to invest more in his farm and continue to specialise in breeding high-welfare birds. We feel so proud that we are able to not only offer a product of the highest quality but can also share a story behind your Christmas turkey too.

A field&flower free range Christmas Turkey

A field&flower free range Christmas Turkey

Don’t forget you can order your Christmas turkey with us now! We’re doing crowns, breasts and whole turkeys. Whether you’re feeding a few, or a big family we’ve got Christmas dinner sorted.  We deliver on Christmas eve too!

Do you love cheese?

If so, let me tell you about yesterday. I had the best day of my life. And possibly yours.

You know when you get introduced to a friend of a friend, and they always tell that person your name and something about you. This is Alice, she’s the one who knows your brother. Well I’m Sophie, the cheese girl. As a newbie at field&flower I am taking a look at the cheese we have to offer and ensuring we’re offering our customers the very best from the West Country.

godminster farm blog

In the past month, I’ve been fortunate enough to sample some of the very best Somerset has to offer. White Lake have revolutionised my outlook on goats cheese, and Barbers 1833 Vintage Cheddar is one of the best cheddars you’ll ever taste.

Yesterday I was invited by Godminster to sample some of their organic cheese selection. It was a day of Somerset appreciation and a reminder of how this Essex girl has gone from East to West in mind, body and soul. Even the A -roads of Wiltshire and beyond, are mesmerizing. You don’t hear many say that about the A12. As I made my way towards Bruton in the glorious sunshine, I drove through breath-taking countryside, marvelled at the beauty of Stonehenge, and arrived at Godminster farm brimming with excitement.

Greeted by the lovely Deborah, we headed straight to where they make their brie.

Though they weren’t making brie on the day (they do so every day in the lead up to Christmas), I peeked into their fridge that was beautiful stack with their three choices – traditional, garlic and chive, and black pepper.

Moving into the ‘fruits and roots’ room I saw where they made the Godminster vodka. What I love about this product is the flavours were chosen based on excess fruit from their farm. The elder-flower was rich and refreshing, the blackcurrant sweet and fruity. The crowning glory was the Horseradish Vodka; responsible for making the perfect Bloody Mary. Imagine that with a ripe wedge of brie…

cheese blog 1

Up next was the moment I’d been dreaming about for the previous two weeks, the cheese tasting. First up, the brie. The traditional brie was ripe and creamy, with a smooth hint of mushroom to boot. For the adventurous brie eaters, the two flavours held their own and would have a place on any cheese board.

Moving on to the nation’s favourite; the organic cheddar. I’ve had a few cheddars in my time, some memorable, some not. Godminster however, did not disappoint. Their cheddar was rich, mature and moreish.

Then, the organic smoked cheddar. At field&flower, we love that the oak chippings over which this cheese is smoked is sustainably sourced and creates a cheese that mirrors perfection. The smokiness was rich and warm, creating a unique flavour that is both unrivalled and delicious.

When the time came to head farm-bound and meet the cows, I put on some wellies (Thanks Ken), and was warmly welcomed by Pete, who was glowing with both passion for the animals, and for producing the best organic dairy.

Much like our animals, the cows are grass-fed (they were rotating around some of the 1.350 acres of Godminster farm), and their welfare is paramount to creating the very best cheese. Pete even told me they get a 60 day holiday… I thought I’d seen a few in Marbs.

The passion of Pete and the entire Godminster team shone through in every aspect of my experience, from farm to fromage. They are true to locality, sustainability, and a shining example of some of the great quality West Country produce we’re so lucky to be part of.

I left Godminster with a full tummy, a full cool bag, and a huge smile. In part, my day was wonderful because I consumed inhumane quantities of delicious cheese. However, submerging myself in all that was Somerset made me so thankful not only to Godminster, but to field&flower for letting me explore.

Thanks for reading,


A big hello to Rachel and Sophie!

Well its certainly been a good few weeks since we’ve managed to spare a couple of minutes to sit down with a cuppa and update you with what’s been cooking in the field&flower kitchen recently…

It’s been a fantastic month or so with lots to report. We have two new members of staff; Rachel, who heads up all of our customer relations, and Sophie, our new head of sales and partnerships. It’s only been a few weeks so far but already they’re doing an absolutely top notch job (even Molly the dog has given her approval) and we’re delighted to welcome them to our ever growing field&flower family.

blog image

We’ve also been super busy organizing our latest Meat Up event that we’re hosting this evening in London. Here’s a sneak preview of it above in the picture – yes we really did get those t-shirts printed! Nice modelling Soph…

We always have a fantastic time at our events, with lots of drink flowing, plenty of farm chatter and with an exclusive butchery demonstration by our head butcher too, it really is a night to remember. We wouldn’t be where we are today without our brilliantly loyal customers and it’s always a pleasure to meet you all and say thank you for your continued support. We have no doubt that tonight will be another huge success and we’ll be sure to keep you posted with the pictures next week…


Our shiny new Taste of the West awards

We’re really chuffed to share with you our brand new Taste of the West awards, and we’re especially proud that we’ve been awarded them this year for a few of our favourite beef products.

taste of the west

We won two Silvers for our sirloin steaks and topside roasting joint, and also a Highly Commended honour for our 2-bone rib of beef.

All of our cattle are 100% grass-fed from either our very own farm or Rob May’s Clannaborough Farm both in the West Country. All of our beef is dry aged for a minimum of 28 days too so it’s always rich in flavour and incredibly tender. If you haven’t tried it yet we definitely recommend you do! Just click here to head to our beef shop.

Spring forward

The daffs are out, the lambs are being born (not pictured!) and we’re all set for the clocks to go forward in just a few weeks. It’s official, spring is well on its way.

cows on home farm

It’s this time of year that we really make sure our grass on Home Farm is as healthy as possible. After a cold winter it is now that our fields need a lot of TLC to get them back to their best and growing plenty of fantastic quality pastures for our beef animals to enjoy.

So how do we do this? First of all we want to make sure that we get rid of all the poor grass so we use a chain-harrow which pulls out any thatch and weak growth. The harrowing also breaks up the soil which allows for plenty of air and light to reach the base of the grass that remains, encouraging much more healthy and dense growth.

We then use a roller which helps to level the ground and repair some of the damage caused by the animals’ hooves. Rolling also encourages the healthy grasses to tiller and spread so the fields are as thick and rich as possible.

Maintaining the grassland is very important when producing good quality grass-fed meat, as all the other plants such as clover and herbs add to the exceptional quality and taste. It also means that we can make the very best hay and silage throughout these warmers months ready in time for winter.

Meet our farmers

We’re really proud of the farmers that we work with. They’re all fantastic guys and most importantly we know and trust them to provide us with the absolute highest quality of grass-fed and free-range West Country meat.

Farmer features new

We want you to get to know them better too so we’ve recently created our ‘farmer feature’ pages on the website so you can learn more about your meat and where exactly it comes from.

Oh and did we mention that we’ve just introduced our new fish range too? Just click here to read more…

Our Venison Butchery Class *SPECIAL OFFER*

Fun, informative and guaranteed to be filled with plenty of delicious canapés and drink to enjoy, our venison butchery masterclass is set to be a fantastic evening next month and we’d love for you to join us!

venison butchery blog

Hosted at the award winning Tom’s Kitchen restaurant in Chelsea, London, on Tuesday 17th March, our expert butcher Kane will demonstrate the art of nose-to-tail butchery teaching you all there is to know about this wild and versatile game meat.

Sound like your kind of thing? Just click here for more info.

Tickets are £105 or for a limited time only we’re offering *two for the discounted price of £180* – places are selling fast so get in touch to book your spot!

Happy New Year!

Hello, Happy New Year. We hope that everyone has had a fantastic Christmas and enjoyed plenty of turkey!

We haven’t had much of a break to be honest, our beef animals have been keeping us busy on the farm throughout the whole of December, but of course it’s all worth it as they’re looking very well, even if the damp weather has got a few of them in a sour mood.


Like most of us over the festive period, our cattle have been enjoying plenty of delicious food. They’ve munched through over half of the hay and silage made last year, which does, as ever, bring on the usual worry of whether we will have enough of our own forage to last the remaining winter months. In the past if the winter lingers on we’ve had to buy in some good quality hay from our neighbours, lets hope we don’t have to this year.

And with the first week of the new year already behind us it’s not long now until calving (about 6 weeks) so at the moment we’re keeping an especially close eye on those cows due to give birth first, making sure they’re as healthy as possible.

The typical signs that the cows are ready for labour are when their udders being to swell, their teats become full and they separate themselves from the heard. Any problems that may arise tend to happen with the first-time mothers so we’ll group them away from the older animals in paddocks that are closer to the farm buildings just in case they need any special attention. We’ll let you know how we’re getting on in a few weeks.