About us


We’re James and James. We met at Agricultural College back in 2006 whilst both studying for our degrees in Agricultural Science, and it’s fair to say we hit it off straight away. It was our shared passion for farming and love of high-quality meat, (and maybe our extreme enthusiasm for sports too), that brought us together and after realising a gap in the market to merge the two, it seemed only natural that we start a business.

So in 2009, having successfully graduated with our degrees we founded field&flower. Our aim was to produce the absolute highest quality of locally sourced farm meat and sell it to as many people in the most convenient way possible.

To begin with we set up camp at James Flower’s family farm in the heart of the Gordano Valley in Somerset and from there we produced beef that we sold in cool boxes through simple online ordering to our friends and family.

Our cattle have only ever been naturally-reared and our process of hanging the meat for 28 days has always ensured the beef is tenderised and flavoured to perfection. It’s a costly process but we have no doubt that it’s worth it. Our traditional methods quickly earned us a reputation of selling high-quality and exceptional value for money beef products, and before we knew it we were receiving huge critical acclaim and delivering boxes nationwide.

It seems word of mouth has so far been our greatest promotional tool, and a few years on our hard work, commitment and love for what we do has meant we’ve been able to broaden our product range to grass-fed lamb as well as free-range pork and chicken, plus wild game. We’re also delighted to now be selling local Somerset cheeses, condiments and sauces too. And it’s not only our food products that we’ve been fortunate enough to extend. We’re so proud to now own our on-farm butchery fitted with cold rooms as well as packing and boxing facilities enabling us to meet the demands of our ever growing business.

There’s no doubt that we’re still a small business, but our recognition, praise and customer loyalty has been exceptionally encouraging over our first few years and we can’t wait to see what the future holds – we’d be delighted if you would join us.

James and James


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