British Food Fortnight

It’s British Food Fortnight (17th September-2nd October), so it’s only fitting that we celebrate all the delicious things we sell that come from traditional, free-range British farms and are 100% traceable.

We’re a bunch of British farmers who are proud to support British farmers. It’s more important than ever to get firmly behind some of the hardest working people in the country. It’s also more important than ever to demand more transparency and honesty from your food. If it’s going on your’s and your family’s plates, ask yourself where it comes from.

In Britain, we produce some of the best grassland in the UK which in turn provides us with fantastic marbled meat loaded with Omega-3s. British farmers need your support so the next time you’re about to buy meat make sure you make an informed decision.

James Mansfield, field&flower Co-Founder

If you want to know more about the process from farm to plate, then have a little read below to find our more about each of our farmers and where your meat comes from!


James Flower – Beef farmer at Home Farm (where it all started!)james

At field&flower, we source only 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef from local West Country farms. One is our very own Home Farm, run by John Flower along with the help of his son James, a founder of field&flower and of course not forgetting Molly the dog!

Situated within the National Nature Reserve of the Gordano Valley, Home Farm has always taken pride in using traditional agricultural methods to maintain a very high standard of animal welfare. They keep a small suckler herd of cows, which conceive and give birth naturally once a year, and once the cattle are weaned, they are free to grace in clover-rich pastures all year round.


Rob Mercer – Pig farmer at Packington Farmrob

Rob breeds Duroc crossed with Large White Boars, these pigs are renowned for having fantastic mothering qualities as well as being strong and most importantly having the best tasting pork. He ensures the pigs have a well-balanced and nutritious diet which helps to keep them happy and as healthy as possible and adds to their fantastic taste. The pigs are reared naturally without additives, growth promoters or antibiotics, using the best genetics knowledge and superior quality feed to get results.


Stuart Perkins – Chicken farmer at Castlemead Farmstuart

We work with Stuart because he only produces free-range chicken that have enjoyed a full and active life, providing the absolute best welfare practice for his birds, whilst also imposing minimal impact on the environment.

Free-range birds mean happy birds and that really does come through in the flavour and texture of their meat. Stuart never uses antibiotics, it’s a simple philosophy that the best welfare practice gives you the highest quality and best tasting meat and that’s what Castlemead is all about.


Andrew Hawkins – Lamb farmer at Cannons Leigh Farmandrew

All of Andrew’s lambs are Devon Suffolk Cross, one of the oldest and most native British breeds. They are entirely free-range and naturally-fed; enjoying fresh grass for the majority of the year, Andrew also feeds the lambs ‘forage’ food such as home-grown turnips in the winter.

The colder months can be a difficult time for baby lambs. They really dislike the miserable weather, especially the wet, and to help with the low temperatures, Andrew protects them with little biodegradable jackets to help prevent hypothermia which is the major cause of lamb mortality in the UK.