It’s #NationalBurgerDay! At field&flower we don’t need much of an excuse to eat a burger and us and burgers go a long way back…

Picture by Clint Randall www.pixelprphotography.co.uk

When we started field&flower we knew that our beef burgers had to compete with the very best. We managed to work with a chef who I knew from time working at The Ivy Restaurant. We spent a day in the kitchen in between services at the Rivington grill testing different mixes, some with chilli, various herbs and fresh garlic. The final result was to let the meat do the talking as it was dry aged and well marbled with grass-fed fats, both of these crucial to forming a great burger patty. The finest cuts of forequarter beef were single minced and combined with fresh parsley, free range eggs and cooked onion. The field&flower burger has become one of our best sellers and along the way been sold at many festivals including Glastonbury where we sold 3000. Flower and I cut and pressed every burger for many years and whilst they were great days we’re pleased someone else now presses the 1000 we send out each week!

James Mansfield

To celebrate today, we’ve compiled a list of our staff’s favourite burger combos to get you all excited and inspired!

For Brittany, it’s not all about the beef. She likes hers with fish, mayonnaise, tomato, iceburg lettuce,  cheddar and burger sauce.

Charlotte likes to spice it up with a lamb and feta burger inside a toasted flatbread with rocket, a cumin and coriander yoghurt and spicy rose Harissa.

Anna likes it traditional with a medium rare beef burger with American cheese, onion ring, bbq sauce, paprika mayo, gherkin and salad.

Willow goes for the low-carb option with a bun-less beef and chorizo patty with bacon and Portobello mushroom, with mayo.

All of our burgers are on special offer right now so head over to our summer shop to catch the last few days. Or if you fancy making your own then our course cut beef mince is perfect for the job. Check out our recipe here.


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