Happy Foraging!


Foraging might seem like an old age hobby but it has recently seen a resurgence. Seasonal food is growing around us all the time, even in urban areas – in parks, hedges, weeds, and even your back garden!

It’s a great way to spend time as a family and get outside this Summer. It’s also a fun way to change up your meals and try the natural produce the wild has to offer us.

Here are our top 5 Foraging tips:

  1. Permission – Make sure that if you are foraging on public land to seek permission from the landowner and also to check you’re not on a conservation site either!
  2. Research – health and safety is highly important. Know what you are picking and do not eat anything you are unable to identify, it could be highly poisonous.
  3. Don’t be greedy! Make sure that you forage sustainably and only pick from places where there is an abundance of the plant you are picking. A good rule is to leave more than you take as remember the wildlife needs it too.
  4. Look for signs like companion plants – most plants are commonly found growing nearby certain other species.
  5. Have fun! Get creative with what you find and cook seasonally.


What to look for:

Where to find it: How to use it:


 A prickly shrub that can be found in hedges, woods and commons.  Great for making jams or even to top off your favourite yoghurt or muesli.


 A big tree which can be found in woods, green spaces or maybe even your back garden!  They will still be green around this time of year, but they are still good to eat. Chop finely and add to crumbles or why not try making your own nut butter?


Find them in fields and gardens, many are red or orange at this time of year. Use the dried seeds in baking. Delicious on top of loaves or in a lemon cake.


Nettles can be found everywhere! Look for shrubs, grassy areas and woods and you’ll find plenty.  Nettles are a great source of Vitamin C and Iron. Make your own tea or add to soups for a nutritional boost!
 RosehipsRosehip_(8060036765).jpg Look for glimpses of red within hedges, bushes and scrubs. Rosehips are full of Vitamin C and are great for keeping colds at bay. Try making a syrup and using it as a cordial to boost your immune system.

Let us know how you get on and what you find! Tweet us your pictures to @fieldandflower Happy Foraging!


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