field&flower Olympics!

The-FAF-OlympicsWe’re not able to jet over to Rio, but over at field&flower we didn’t want to miss out on all the Olympic fun!

We present to you… the field&flower Olympics! Taken very seriously by all (as you will soon see) we have two teams: Team Field vs. Team Flower

TEAM FIELD is fronted by Captain Mansfield, a lion in the field (just don’t ask him to kneel down), joined by the competitive Anna and vying Britt.

TEAM FLOWER is headed by the Great Willow, wise and tactical, joined by the daring Alice and the valiant Lizzie.


In the glorious setting of Wandsworth Park, we took to the grounds for an afternoon of welly wanging, wheelbarrowing and egg and spoon racing.

Over the next two weeks you will have the opportunity to place your bets on which team wins each round. For those who answer the right team, a person will be selected at random to one of our three gift vouchers to spend on meat, fish and cheese at

Order of competition.jpg

To keep up to date on our races and competitions you can head over to our Facebook or Twitter page to join in on the fun #fafOlympics




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