We’re going on a picnic!


Now that the weather is warming up and the sun has come out it is officially picnic weather! What a nice excuse for you to soak up the sun and prepare delicious food to share with friends and family.

Here are our top 5 Picnic food ideas:

  1. Sandwiches are a staple of most picnics and there are so many delicious combinations to try. A few favourites include cold roast beef with watercress, pickled grated carrot and mustard mayonnaise. Or how about sliced chicken with basil pesto, avocado and rocket or cheddar cheese with celery lettuce and chutney. You could even make our recipe for Sausage and Onion Frenchstick.
  2. A fresh salad always goes down well. Why not try this Minute Steak Tagliata with rocket and Maryland Salad.
  3. Who can resist homemade sausage rolls? We sell lovely free-range sausage meat from our pig farmer Rob, it’s also great for making scotch eggs!
  4. Our recipe for Soy & Honey Glazed Chicken Skewers would be a great addition for those wanting finger food.
  5. Fruit skewers are delicious and easy to transport: try strawberry, mango and blueberry or pineapple, grape and melon.


…and here are our top 5 Picnic tips:

  1. As an alternative to a picnic blanket, towels or big pieces of patterned fabric can look really pretty with bright cushions to sit on.
  2. Pop your dressings into jam jars to prevent salads from going soggy and dress when ready. Jam jars are also great for individual fruit salads – watermelon, mint and mango is one of our favourites.
  3. Plastic or enamel plates are not only prettier but also much easier to use and more eco-friendly than paper. Also don’t forget to take a plastic bag for your rubbish and baby wipes to keep hands clean.
  4. If taking cakes, brownies or any baked treat to a picnic cut them into bite sized pieces before you pack them up, to make them easier to eat.
  5. Put a frozen bottle of water into your picnic bag which will keep the food nice and chilled and can also be drunk once melted.

What are your top picnic tips?

Let us know by tweeting @fieldandflower


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