Arthur’s first year in pictures.

National Dog Day – Friday 26th August

Arthur joined us in August 2015 and stole every heart in the office straight away. One year on and not much has changed… he still chews Lizzie’s shoelaces, wees when Willow arrives, eats everything in sight and barks at the postman. Arthur’s favourite seat in the office is the warmest one, so as soon as anyone stands up he’s in and a few near squishes haven’t put him off standing his ground on these occasions with his characteristic Jack Russell growl. His first birthday was celebrated with a giant bone he refused to eat anywhere but under Alice’s desk and a very long walk on which he met his new girlfriend Kayo, a fellow Jack Russell he now meets every Monday at 4pm for general puddle jumping and play fighting. Arthur thinks he’s in heaven.

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We love you Arthur! From the faf team x




It’s #NationalBurgerDay! At field&flower we don’t need much of an excuse to eat a burger and us and burgers go a long way back…

Picture by Clint Randall

When we started field&flower we knew that our beef burgers had to compete with the very best. We managed to work with a chef who I knew from time working at The Ivy Restaurant. We spent a day in the kitchen in between services at the Rivington grill testing different mixes, some with chilli, various herbs and fresh garlic. The final result was to let the meat do the talking as it was dry aged and well marbled with grass-fed fats, both of these crucial to forming a great burger patty. The finest cuts of forequarter beef were single minced and combined with fresh parsley, free range eggs and cooked onion. The field&flower burger has become one of our best sellers and along the way been sold at many festivals including Glastonbury where we sold 3000. Flower and I cut and pressed every burger for many years and whilst they were great days we’re pleased someone else now presses the 1000 we send out each week!

James Mansfield

To celebrate today, we’ve compiled a list of our staff’s favourite burger combos to get you all excited and inspired!

For Brittany, it’s not all about the beef. She likes hers with fish, mayonnaise, tomato, iceburg lettuce,  cheddar and burger sauce.

Charlotte likes to spice it up with a lamb and feta burger inside a toasted flatbread with rocket, a cumin and coriander yoghurt and spicy rose Harissa.

Anna likes it traditional with a medium rare beef burger with American cheese, onion ring, bbq sauce, paprika mayo, gherkin and salad.

Willow goes for the low-carb option with a bun-less beef and chorizo patty with bacon and Portobello mushroom, with mayo.

All of our burgers are on special offer right now so head over to our summer shop to catch the last few days. Or if you fancy making your own then our course cut beef mince is perfect for the job. Check out our recipe here.

Happy Foraging!


Foraging might seem like an old age hobby but it has recently seen a resurgence. Seasonal food is growing around us all the time, even in urban areas – in parks, hedges, weeds, and even your back garden!

It’s a great way to spend time as a family and get outside this Summer. It’s also a fun way to change up your meals and try the natural produce the wild has to offer us.

Here are our top 5 Foraging tips:

  1. Permission – Make sure that if you are foraging on public land to seek permission from the landowner and also to check you’re not on a conservation site either!
  2. Research – health and safety is highly important. Know what you are picking and do not eat anything you are unable to identify, it could be highly poisonous.
  3. Don’t be greedy! Make sure that you forage sustainably and only pick from places where there is an abundance of the plant you are picking. A good rule is to leave more than you take as remember the wildlife needs it too.
  4. Look for signs like companion plants – most plants are commonly found growing nearby certain other species.
  5. Have fun! Get creative with what you find and cook seasonally.


What to look for:

Where to find it: How to use it:


 A prickly shrub that can be found in hedges, woods and commons.  Great for making jams or even to top off your favourite yoghurt or muesli.


 A big tree which can be found in woods, green spaces or maybe even your back garden!  They will still be green around this time of year, but they are still good to eat. Chop finely and add to crumbles or why not try making your own nut butter?


Find them in fields and gardens, many are red or orange at this time of year. Use the dried seeds in baking. Delicious on top of loaves or in a lemon cake.


Nettles can be found everywhere! Look for shrubs, grassy areas and woods and you’ll find plenty.  Nettles are a great source of Vitamin C and Iron. Make your own tea or add to soups for a nutritional boost!
 RosehipsRosehip_(8060036765).jpg Look for glimpses of red within hedges, bushes and scrubs. Rosehips are full of Vitamin C and are great for keeping colds at bay. Try making a syrup and using it as a cordial to boost your immune system.

Let us know how you get on and what you find! Tweet us your pictures to @fieldandflower Happy Foraging!

Chef Alice’s Favourite Marinades


A selection of my favourite Summer marinades and rubs from all around the world. These are all really simple and quick to make and will transform your BBQ’s into tasty adventures!




Fragrant Coconut – THAILAND

Best with fish and chicken

1tbsp minced Garlic
1 Green Chilli (deseeded)
25g chopped Coriander
1 stick of Lemongrass
5tbsp Coconut Milk





Chimichurri – BRAZILMarinade4

Best with steak 

30g chopped parsley
30g chopped coriander
2 cloves of garlic
½ red onion
1/2tsp red chilli flakes
1tsp oregano
Salt and pepper to taste
2tbsp oil
1tsp red wine vinegar

See our Chivito Steak Sandwich recipe here.


Sweet Soy – ChinaMarinade2

Best with steak, burgers, pork and chicken

80ml Soy Sauce
3tsp minced Garlic
1tbsp honey
2tbsp sherry
1tsp coarse Black Pepper





Suya – AFRICAMarinade3

Best with beef and pork
100g ground Peanuts
1tsp Cayenne Pepper
1tsp Paprika
1/2tsp Ground Ginger
1/2tsp Garlic Powder




Persian Rub – MIDDLE EASTMarinade5

Best with lamb

4tbsp oil
2tbsp sumac
2tbsp rose petals
1tbsp cardamom pods
1tbsp ground cumin
1tbsp ground ginger
Salt and pepper to taste


See our Persian BBQ Leg of Lamb recipe here.



For more advice on how to get the most out of your meat this summer just head to our #AskAlice page online.

Bring South America to your kitchen

We’ve caught the Olympics bug over at field&flower. Did anyone else watch the cycling last weekend? How beautiful is Rio?

It’s not just Rio that’s caught our eye, it’s also their cuisine. We love a good Brazilian/South American recipe and there are plenty to go around!

_MG_9272 copy

1. One of our top sauces to get with steak is chimichurri. It descends from Argentinian cooking and is a big hit on the BBQ. Try it with a juicy rump steak or thinly sliced bavette. Our recipe of the week for a Chivito even includes it!


2. Dishes like Feijoada are a Brazillian/Portuguese fusion, a comforting stew made of black beans, pork cuts and warming spices. We like to use a mixture of pork knuckle, pork ribs and pork shoulder for this dish.

3. And we all know that Brazilians know how throw a great BBQ! Think Churrasco Frango, a marinaded grilled chicken. For a sticky, sweet grill, try skewering boneless chicken thighs and marinate in smoked paprika, lemon juice, brown sugar, garlic and oil. Pop them on the BBQ et voila!


4. And last but not least, the best way to enjoy South American cuisine is alongside a Caipirhina!

How to make one…

2 shots of Cacacha,

1tsp sugar,

Juice of 1 lime

Lots of ice!

Muddle the ice, lime and sugar together and pour the Cacacha on top for a refreshing taste of Brazil!


Don’t forget to also keep up to date on our races and competitions you can head over to our Facebook or Twitter page to join in on the fun #fafOlympics

field&flower Olympics!

The-FAF-OlympicsWe’re not able to jet over to Rio, but over at field&flower we didn’t want to miss out on all the Olympic fun!

We present to you… the field&flower Olympics! Taken very seriously by all (as you will soon see) we have two teams: Team Field vs. Team Flower

TEAM FIELD is fronted by Captain Mansfield, a lion in the field (just don’t ask him to kneel down), joined by the competitive Anna and vying Britt.

TEAM FLOWER is headed by the Great Willow, wise and tactical, joined by the daring Alice and the valiant Lizzie.


In the glorious setting of Wandsworth Park, we took to the grounds for an afternoon of welly wanging, wheelbarrowing and egg and spoon racing.

Over the next two weeks you will have the opportunity to place your bets on which team wins each round. For those who answer the right team, a person will be selected at random to one of our three gift vouchers to spend on meat, fish and cheese at

Order of competition.jpg

To keep up to date on our races and competitions you can head over to our Facebook or Twitter page to join in on the fun #fafOlympics



We’re going on a picnic!


Now that the weather is warming up and the sun has come out it is officially picnic weather! What a nice excuse for you to soak up the sun and prepare delicious food to share with friends and family.

Here are our top 5 Picnic food ideas:

  1. Sandwiches are a staple of most picnics and there are so many delicious combinations to try. A few favourites include cold roast beef with watercress, pickled grated carrot and mustard mayonnaise. Or how about sliced chicken with basil pesto, avocado and rocket or cheddar cheese with celery lettuce and chutney. You could even make our recipe for Sausage and Onion Frenchstick.
  2. A fresh salad always goes down well. Why not try this Minute Steak Tagliata with rocket and Maryland Salad.
  3. Who can resist homemade sausage rolls? We sell lovely free-range sausage meat from our pig farmer Rob, it’s also great for making scotch eggs!
  4. Our recipe for Soy & Honey Glazed Chicken Skewers would be a great addition for those wanting finger food.
  5. Fruit skewers are delicious and easy to transport: try strawberry, mango and blueberry or pineapple, grape and melon.


…and here are our top 5 Picnic tips:

  1. As an alternative to a picnic blanket, towels or big pieces of patterned fabric can look really pretty with bright cushions to sit on.
  2. Pop your dressings into jam jars to prevent salads from going soggy and dress when ready. Jam jars are also great for individual fruit salads – watermelon, mint and mango is one of our favourites.
  3. Plastic or enamel plates are not only prettier but also much easier to use and more eco-friendly than paper. Also don’t forget to take a plastic bag for your rubbish and baby wipes to keep hands clean.
  4. If taking cakes, brownies or any baked treat to a picnic cut them into bite sized pieces before you pack them up, to make them easier to eat.
  5. Put a frozen bottle of water into your picnic bag which will keep the food nice and chilled and can also be drunk once melted.

What are your top picnic tips?

Let us know by tweeting @fieldandflower