A field&flower farewell

IMG_8004This month we sadly say good bye to Jess who’s been with us for very close to a year. Jess started with us fresh out of university in our customer membership team, she then moved to our customer loyalty team after Christmas as we figured she’d definitely got to know our lovely customers after that busy period! Jess is off on an adventure to live in Santiago, Chile, but just before she goes she reflects on her time with us here at field&flower….


I’d definitely be lying if I said the decision to leave my much loved family, friends and job was an easy one. After many sleepless nights, long discussions with James and James, and endless Google searches on Santiago I decided to uproot and emigrate there. Having never been to South America or even uttered a word of Spanish, it definitely seems daunting. As we all know, emigration goes hand in hand with impending goodbyes – it’s certain that I’m going to struggle to bid adieu to the amazing team I’ve been so lucky to be a part of here at field&flower. Fears of life in the Big Bad Working World we all hear so much about throughout both school and university quickly became redundant the minute I walked through the field&flower doors. Not only was I greeted by many smiley, friendly faces but also by a teeny tiny Arthur weeing with excitement at a new presence in the office.

I really could talk about how brilliant my team are here but I feel like you, as our loyal customers, already understand this from your interactions with us, ranging from telephone conversations, email exchanges or of course at our lovely meat-up events… I think I’ll save the emotional team spiel for the good-byes later this week.

The most important and invaluable lesson I’ve learnt in my time with this wonderful business is that it really is extremely important to pay attention to where your food comes from. Before starting my role here, I took little to no interest in the provenance of my food. Alarmingly, this also included the meat I was eating. I was under the impression that buying British (of any kind!) meat equated to both quality and animal welfare standards that I felt to be adequate. Now, much to the annoyance of my friends and family I’m a total stickler for 100% free-range, high welfare meat, preferably with a farm name, slaughter date and breed where applicable, and now I quite simply refuse to compromise. I don’t think it’s being difficult or demanding, I think it comes from a deeper understanding of the meat industry and farming with regards to the potential environmental impacts, as well as the welfare standards of the animals that have been reared to produce what’s on our plates. Field&flower has taught me that good quality, high welfare meat isn’t overpriced and unnecessary but actually very reasonably priced and the only sustainable option. When purchasing meat, we mustn’t forget that we are effectively buying part of an animal. This animal’s rearing can have detrimental environmental implications if not done sustainably, not to mention that the animals can live distressed, unfair lives with little room to move nor express natural behaviours. SO thank you, our customers for also taking the time and interest to source your meat from us and allowing our business to both exist and flourish. I sincerely hope that more and more people will migrate to our free-range only camp in the not so distant future.

I’ll always be part of the field&flower family and everything I’ve learnt here will never leave me.

Thanks for reading.




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