Our Top 5 BBQ Tips

P1050157Written by Alice the chef

At field&flower we love a good BBQ – weather permitting of course! I’ll never forget the time when my Dad continued cooking a BBQ in August one year when we had torrential downpour. He saw it through with a golfing umbrella and a beer!

Hopefully we will have some good weather this weekend to get the Summer started, so why not put our products to the test?

Big BBQ favourites are our original field&flower beef burgers, but what’s also stopping you from making your own? Our course cut beef mince makes a mighty fine burger. We also have a new range of marinated chicken thighs and wings. But let’s not forget the steak… I recommend cooking cuts like the flat iron or sirloin on the BBQ. No need to marinade, let the meat do the talking and go bare with a simple slick of oil and seasoning.

If you’re stuck for choice or are having a big event then why not try one of our one-off BBQ boxes? We have both small and large for every occasion.

To celebrate National BBQ Week we have 5 top tips from our in-house chef, Alice. Here’s how to make the most of those blazing coals:

1. Don’t be tempted to put the meat on the BBQ too soon. Wait at least twenty to thirty minutes to let the coals turn white and reach the optimum cooking temperature.

2. A great BBQ hack for cooking fish is to lie down thin slices of lemon on the BBQ before placing the fish on top. This will stop your fish sticking to the grill and falling apart.

3.  If you can, marinade your meat and fish overnight for maximum flavour. Be careful not to make them too thick or oily as this will cause the fire to flame up and burn the meat.

4.  For steaks and burgers you can cook these quickly at a higher temperature, you can do this by lowering the grill. For chops, chicken drumsticks and kebabs you should raise the grill for a more even cook.

5. This might be a controversial one but I agree with Neil Rankin, the BBQ pro that you should “keep your meat in the fridge until the last minute” because “the colder your meat the more smoke you will take on” – give it a try!

What are your BBQ rules?

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