Less, but better.

Roasted thyme gammonAs a country, we are eating more meat than ever before. With an abundance of cheap offers ranging from fast food outlets to supermarket deals, meat is now relatively economically accessible for everyone. The quality of this meat is however highly debatable.

Not only does this increased meat-centric intake affect our diets and health, it also affects the environment. The way we produce meat, and the amount we produce, is simply unsustainable and in the 21st century sustainability in food production is paramount. UN statistics also put the average person in the UK as eating 82kg of meat per year!

The new How Much Meat” campaign launched by Guy Watson from Riverford aims to encourage people to eat less meat in small manageable ways such as dropping meat one day a week or stretching it a bit further by using leftovers into other recipes.

It’s impossible to not acknowledge this less, but better principle of eating meat. At field&flower we advocate quality over quantity, and it’s all of us, as consumers, who contribute to and dictate the markets production. Not only is our free range meat raised sustainably and more eco-friendly, it is also much more tasty than industrially farmed meat.

With our regular subscription boxes, we aim to provide our customers with a way to support this sustainable policy. Our meatboxes are designed to feed a family for four weeks, based on the principle of 3-4 meat-based meals per week. With our small regular box currently at £55, this works out at an average of £13.75 a week spent on your meat intake. We also offer over 150 cuts of meat online to give you the opportunity to try out some lesser known and more economical cuts of meat. Of course it’s nice to have that rib-eye steak every now and again but have you also tried cooking with the more moderately priced yet no less delicious cut that is beef shin?

FieldFlower1536557At field&flower, we are committed towards promoting a healthy lifestyle and for creating a sustainable way for our farmers to rear meat ethically for our customers. For example, our pig farmer Rob Mercer says “we are very passionate about the environment we work in and believe that it is vital to ensure that it is maintained for future generations.” – which is why he now has solar panels on his sheds to harness the suns energy to produce electricity for their cold store and buildings.

It is a simple commitment, but one that if followed can transform the way we live and eat for the better. Will you be joining us?


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