Meet our in-house chef #AskAlice

New new Ask AliceMeet Alice, the latest member of the field&flower team. With a wealth of experience in the food industry, Alice has an extensive knowledge of all things food and is ready to help you fall in love with cooking (if you haven’t done so already)! Alice is going to be bringing you new weekly recipes and helpful tips. If there’s anything you would like to see on our website, just let her know by completing a form on the website here.

We took the opportunity to quiz her, whilst she takes a break from the field&flower kitchen!

So Alice…

How did you first get into cooking?

I’ve been cooking since a young age. I had my first job in the catering industry when I was 16, working as a part-time food assistant in a café. Since then I’ve been fascinated by cooking. Prior to joining field&flower, I was working in the street food industry with my own business, and also working with several other independent food businesses. I’ve learnt so much during this time and am really happy to have joined the field&flower team and share my love of good quality meat and cooking with our customers.

What’s your favourite comfort food dish to cook?

Polish food! Polish dumplings called pierogi, filled with ox cheek and horseradish, which are fried in butter with onions and black pepper. I also love making a stew called Bigos (also known as Hunters Stew) which is very rich, with pork shoulder, smoked bacon, kielbasa (Polish smoked sausage), prunes, sauerkraut and wild mushrooms – it might not sound the most appealing but you’ve got to try it.

What’s your favourite cut of meat and why?

I love to cook with cheaper cuts of meat, like ox cheek and beef shin. They may take a while to cook, but with patience and a bit of love, you can make a super tasty stew or casserole with just a few simple ingredients.

What’s your favourite steak cut?

Onglet or flat iron. They both have a great taste when cooked rare/medium-rare and they stand up to great flavours.

Who is your favourite chef and why?

I’m currently loving Olia Hercules, she is a fabulous chef championing Eastern European cuisine, bringing exciting new flavours to the table through her cookbook Mamushka and supper clubs in London. I’m also a big fan of the old classics like Keith Floyd and Rick Stein.

 How do you like to cook your eggs?

Poached or scrambled (with lots of butter). I have eggs for breakfast every morning! The fresher the better, and of course, free range.

What are you most looking forward to with your new role at field&flower?

I’m excited to get creative in the kitchen and design new recipes for our customers. I’m also looking forward to helping our customers with any enquiries about our products and putting together tutorials and guides on how to cook our meat. If you have any questions get in touch on the Ask Alice page or use #ASKALICE on social media.

Find Alice on twitter using the #AskAlice or tag @fieldandflower


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