Q & A with Dave the field&flower driver

If you’re lucky enough to live on one of our eco routes, you may have already had the pleasure of meeting our head driver, Dave.

He’s usually up at the crack of dawn and back in Somerset by noon, but we managed to grab him for five minutes to quiz him on the life of a field&flower driver!

Hi Dave…Dave Driver 2

Where is the most memorable place you’ve delivered to?

I once delivered to an amazing house down the side of the Thames, which was on a private road that backed onto Hampton Court. I remember it taking me about half an hour to find and I’ve never been back there, but I’ll never forget it!

How many boxes do you deliver on a typical day?

Well, I’m usually on the London route, so somewhere between 40 and 92. Obviously Christmas week was the busiest [shudder from Dave]. I can’t tell you how glad I am that Christmas only happens once a year!

What’s your favourite cut?

I’m a steak man. Any steak.  I wouldn’t say I have a favourite, but the thing that I love about the field&flower steaks is that I’ve yet to use a steak knife. So, yeah, more than impressed with that. I’ve been very much hooked since the beginning!

Where do you love delivering?

I do get invited in for a cup of tea by one lady in Surrey. It’s very kind, but I can’t take her up on it, as I’m usually in too much of a hurry. That reminds me of another lady who had a plate of mince pies waiting for me on Christmas week. I delivered their first box the day they moved into their house!

What did you do before you started delivering for field&flower?

I restored classic Fords, which I still like to dabble in. It’s in my blood.

What’s your favourite part of your job?

I’d have to say meeting people and helping field&flower grow; it’s something I believe in. I think that the business deserves to go places and I’m really glad to be a part of it.

What’s your favourite section of the M4?

Coming out of Swindon up towards Oxford, at about 4 in the morning in summer, when daylight breaks over Oxford. It’s one of those moments I think to myself, “Yeah, life’s good!”. To get up and see that when most of the country is still in bed. Summer mornings are definitely the best!

What do you like to listen to in your van?

Radio 2 with Chris Evans in the morning.

Be sure to give Dave a wave next time you see him on a London route!


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