James’ January Gems


It’s not often I get involved in blog writing, but as we kick off 2016 after a very indulgent Christmas, I thought I would share what’s going in my regular meat box this month so I can stay on the lean path.

For me, healthy eating isn’t just about smashed avo, cauliflower rice, kale tote bags and spiralized courgette. It’s about eating wholesome nutritious food with plenty of flavour and vitamins. Here’s what I’m ordering in January…


Chicken Strip Pack / Steak Strip Pack – Quick to cook and super lean 

If you’re looking for a quick and healthy cooking solution then consider our steak strips (300g serves 2, and 600g, serves 5) or chicken breast strips (500g, serves 4). They’re both so versatile. I could easily cook either in any one of my favourites; a Sichuan pepper and ginger stir-fry, a Tom Ka soup, a red Thai curry, or grilled as part of a chopped avocado and blue cheese salad.

These cuts will cook in a matter of minutes on a high heat as they’re lean and thin so just require a flash in the pan. The chicken strips are hand cut from the breast meat and the beef is sliced from a combination of silverside, topside and steak such as bavette and rump. Our grass-fed beef contains high levels of omega-3 and chicken is packed with vitamins B3, B6 and B12 and is an excellent source of niacin, selenium and protein.

stir fry

Chicken strips – 12 points

Steak Strips – 7 points (300g) 13 points (600g)


Pork loin steaks and pork escalopes – High protein for January training

Griddle or grill your free range pork steak to remove the small amount of fat from this cut. It’s a versatile cut and can take a lot of flavour so don’t hold back with the spices; paprika, cumin and fennel seeds are my go to choices.

Eating simple cuts like this does not have to be boring either. For something a little more exotic, dice the pork loin steak into cubes and cook as a Greek souvlaki with a cucumber salad and low-fat tzatziki.

The loin does very little work and therefore has a very low level of fat in comparison to the shoulder and belly. This cut will provide a high level of protein so will keep you energised and help with the January fitness regime!

Pork loin steaks – 9 points (2 x 180g) 12 points (4 x 150g)

Pork escalopes – 10 points (2 x 200g)


Flat Iron – Tasty and rich in Omega-3

Included because it’s currently our favourite steak cut in the office. It’s great value and contains a low level of fat and high level of omega-3. This is a robust steak so can be flung about the pan. Why not try cooking this steak in some coconut oil and serving with some palate cleansing chimichurri sauce (we’ve got a great recipe here) and green salad.

chimichurri sauce

Flat iron steaks – 10 points


Venison haunch steaks – Wild and lean

Our wild venison is slightly tougher than farmed venison because the animal has worked harder during its life. The benefits of this are that the meat is extremely lean and full of flavour. This dense meat is not overly gamey in taste so if you want to try some game for first time, this is our recommendation.

We suggest pan frying on a medium heat with a small amount of butter so that you avoid drying the meat out, cook pink. Consider replacing beef with venison in your staple meals, Did you know that, per pound, venison contains more minerals and vitamins than beef? That’s a superfood.

Venison Haunch Steaks – 13 points

Believe it or not, I don’t just eat meat! I like to accompany all of the above with seasonal veg. My fridge is stocked with carrots, leeks & cauliflowers so I have no doubt I’ll be doing some soups this January too.




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