The Turkey, The Breast & The Crown.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… sort of. The stress of Christmas can cause rows, tears, and in 1997, I watched a member of my family launch the turkey across the kitchen (true story).

For some of us, we don’t even have Christmas dinner planned yet. There’s only 5 days to order your turkey from us, and we won’t lie, you’ve got a lot of choice.

On the field&flower website alone, we have 7 different turkeys… 7! They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, so here’s a super quick guide to our turkeys this year.

The Whole Turkey

The whole turkey is the ultimate Christmas bird. However, it needs love, care and attention. We’ve got cooking guides and recipes so you get it spot on.

What is it? The whole bird. Giblets n’ all. The giblets are vacuum packed separately so you can make the perfect gravy

Who is it for? Everybody. The whole turkey is packed with a tender layer of fat so there’s no chance of having a dry turkey this year. It has wings, legs, both white and brown meat. Perfect to feed the whole family, plus plenty of extras for leftovers (we have recipes for those too).

Why is it great? It doesn’t get tastier than the whole turkey. This bird is the Christmas centrepiece and being naturally reared and 14 day hung makes them that much better.

What sizes does it come in?

  • A Small Turkey 4-5kg – serves 8-10

  • A Medium Turkey 5-6kg – serves 10-12

  • A Large Turkey 6-7kg – serves 14-16

  • An Extra Large Turkey 8kg+ – serves 16+

How’s it best served?

Take a knife, and dig in. Our favourite part is the turkey leg. It is incredibly tender and packed with flavour. Make sure you boil the bones for a perfect stock on Boxing Day!


A whole free range Christmas Turkey

The Turkey Crown

We bet you’ve been wondering what the Turkey Crown actually is? It’s the whole turkey… just without the wings and the legs.

What is it? Most of the whole turkey… just no wings and no legs.

Who is it for? If you’re looking for an equally tasty, but easy Christmas, the crown is the turkey for you. It’s easy to carve and cooks in less time.

Why is it great? It has all the flavour of a whole turkey, and is a little easier to navigate. It’s perfect draped in slices of our streaky bacon.

What sizes does it come in?

  • A Turkey Crown – 3-4kg – serves 8-10

How’s it best served?

The great thing about the crown is if you can’t manage it all on Christmas day. Those slices will be perfect for your Boxing Day sandwich. Challenge a loved one to see who can get the most leftovers in one sandwich… I always win.


The Turkey Breast Roast

What is it? The breast of the turkey, boneless, and rolled.

Who is it for? A smaller Christmas, and for those who want to cook fan easy and tasty roast this Christmas

Why is it great? Cooks quickly and easy to carve

What sizes does it come in?

  • 1kg – serves 4-5

  • 2.5kg – serves 8-10

Eat within 5 days – suitable for freezing

How’s it best served?

Cram the plate with our pigs in blankets and drench in turkey gravy

Unfortunately this year, I’m not allowed to cook the turkey. I’m on gammon & cheese which are my areas of expertise. If you have any more questions about our Christmas Range, give us a call on 08456899007 or email us at

Thanks for reading,



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