Catering for a stress-free Christmas party

Who doesn’t love a Christmas party? In a way they are very similar to weddings as they bring happiness, that morning after the night before feeling, tears, laughter and of course fantastic food. Whether it be an office party, a gathering of friends or a family get-together, the same characters seem to make an appearance each year, creating unwritten comedy gold. We all have that one ‘drunk uncle’ in the corner performing some questionable dance moves, the ‘peak-too-sooner’ getting very involved in the mulled wine, and the food table lurker who never moves an inch.

Christmas parties provide great entertainment for everyone involved, but we all know it can be a tad stressful being the host. So we’ve narrowed down some top tips to help take the stress out of catering for your festive party this year. The buffet doesn’t need to be beige. While the drinks are flowing we’ve got some cracking tips, and recipes, for the perfect festive get together.

Choose canapes over three courses

Opting to serve canapes rather than cooking up a three course meal for a large number of people is a great way of not only taking the heat off the host, but also gets people mingling, making sure the food table lurker is never left alone! Although if you would prefer a sit-down meal, why not ask everyone to bring a dish?

Stick to what you know

When hosting your festive celebration this year, it probably isn’t the best time to try out those 12-ingredient recipes you’ve spied in your latest cook book, but that doesn’t mean you should go for the ready-made canapes offered in the supermarket. Choosing to cook homemade finger food doesn’t have to end with you stressed, frantically shoving mini-pizzas in the oven 10 minutes before your guests arrive because the chicken vol-au-vents haven’t risen. Choosing recipes that can be prepared quickly on the day, in advance, and if needed, warmed up when guests arrive could be the answer to hosting that stress free party everyone dreams of. Deciding on old time classics such as sausage rolls, salmon blinis and mini burgers will not only save you time in the kitchen, but will be a lot tastier if they’re made from the heart. There’s just something about a homemade sausage roll…

Get napkins at the ready

There’s nothing worse than being at a party and attempting to juggle your drink and a plate whilst eating, it’s a recipe for disaster. Plus, nobody wants to see their homemade sausage rolls fly across the room. So what’s the answer? Napkins. Napkins kill two birds with one stone. It avoids the troubles of your guests desperately looking for somewhere to put down their drink whilst they tuck into their canapes and talk to others, but also gives them something to wipe their hands on afterwards.

So if you’d like your party to be a homemade one this year, we have some great recipes on our website we’d love you to try! If you haven’t visited our farm shop before, it’s great for creating your very own one-off box for special occasions.


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