Do you love cheese?

If so, let me tell you about yesterday. I had the best day of my life. And possibly yours.

You know when you get introduced to a friend of a friend, and they always tell that person your name and something about you. This is Alice, she’s the one who knows your brother. Well I’m Sophie, the cheese girl. As a newbie at field&flower I am taking a look at the cheese we have to offer and ensuring we’re offering our customers the very best from the West Country.

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In the past month, I’ve been fortunate enough to sample some of the very best Somerset has to offer. White Lake have revolutionised my outlook on goats cheese, and Barbers 1833 Vintage Cheddar is one of the best cheddars you’ll ever taste.

Yesterday I was invited by Godminster to sample some of their organic cheese selection. It was a day of Somerset appreciation and a reminder of how this Essex girl has gone from East to West in mind, body and soul. Even the A -roads of Wiltshire and beyond, are mesmerizing. You don’t hear many say that about the A12. As I made my way towards Bruton in the glorious sunshine, I drove through breath-taking countryside, marvelled at the beauty of Stonehenge, and arrived at Godminster farm brimming with excitement.

Greeted by the lovely Deborah, we headed straight to where they make their brie.

Though they weren’t making brie on the day (they do so every day in the lead up to Christmas), I peeked into their fridge that was beautiful stack with their three choices – traditional, garlic and chive, and black pepper.

Moving into the ‘fruits and roots’ room I saw where they made the Godminster vodka. What I love about this product is the flavours were chosen based on excess fruit from their farm. The elder-flower was rich and refreshing, the blackcurrant sweet and fruity. The crowning glory was the Horseradish Vodka; responsible for making the perfect Bloody Mary. Imagine that with a ripe wedge of brie…

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Up next was the moment I’d been dreaming about for the previous two weeks, the cheese tasting. First up, the brie. The traditional brie was ripe and creamy, with a smooth hint of mushroom to boot. For the adventurous brie eaters, the two flavours held their own and would have a place on any cheese board.

Moving on to the nation’s favourite; the organic cheddar. I’ve had a few cheddars in my time, some memorable, some not. Godminster however, did not disappoint. Their cheddar was rich, mature and moreish.

Then, the organic smoked cheddar. At field&flower, we love that the oak chippings over which this cheese is smoked is sustainably sourced and creates a cheese that mirrors perfection. The smokiness was rich and warm, creating a unique flavour that is both unrivalled and delicious.

When the time came to head farm-bound and meet the cows, I put on some wellies (Thanks Ken), and was warmly welcomed by Pete, who was glowing with both passion for the animals, and for producing the best organic dairy.

Much like our animals, the cows are grass-fed (they were rotating around some of the 1.350 acres of Godminster farm), and their welfare is paramount to creating the very best cheese. Pete even told me they get a 60 day holiday… I thought I’d seen a few in Marbs.

The passion of Pete and the entire Godminster team shone through in every aspect of my experience, from farm to fromage. They are true to locality, sustainability, and a shining example of some of the great quality West Country produce we’re so lucky to be part of.

I left Godminster with a full tummy, a full cool bag, and a huge smile. In part, my day was wonderful because I consumed inhumane quantities of delicious cheese. However, submerging myself in all that was Somerset made me so thankful not only to Godminster, but to field&flower for letting me explore.

Thanks for reading,