Spring forward

The daffs are out, the lambs are being born (not pictured!) and we’re all set for the clocks to go forward in just a few weeks. It’s official, spring is well on its way.

cows on home farm

It’s this time of year that we really make sure our grass on Home Farm is as healthy as possible. After a cold winter it is now that our fields need a lot of TLC to get them back to their best and growing plenty of fantastic quality pastures for our beef animals to enjoy.

So how do we do this? First of all we want to make sure that we get rid of all the poor grass so we use a chain-harrow which pulls out any thatch and weak growth. The harrowing also breaks up the soil which allows for plenty of air and light to reach the base of the grass that remains, encouraging much more healthy and dense growth.

We then use a roller which helps to level the ground and repair some of the damage caused by the animals’ hooves. Rolling also encourages the healthy grasses to tiller and spread so the fields are as thick and rich as possible.

Maintaining the grassland is very important when producing good quality grass-fed meat, as all the other plants such as clover and herbs add to the exceptional quality and taste. It also means that we can make the very best hay and silage throughout these warmers months ready in time for winter.


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