Our Venison Butchery Class *SPECIAL OFFER*

Fun, informative and guaranteed to be filled with plenty of delicious canapés and drink to enjoy, our venison butchery masterclass is set to be a fantastic evening next month and we’d love for you to join us!

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Hosted at the award winning Tom’s Kitchen restaurant in Chelsea, London, on Tuesday 17th March, our expert butcher Kane will demonstrate the art of nose-to-tail butchery teaching you all there is to know about this wild and versatile game meat.

Sound like your kind of thing? Just click here for more info.

Tickets are £105 or for a limited time only we’re offering *two for the discounted price of £180* – places are selling fast so get in touch to book your spot!


Happy New Year!

Hello, Happy New Year. We hope that everyone has had a fantastic Christmas and enjoyed plenty of turkey!

We haven’t had much of a break to be honest, our beef animals have been keeping us busy on the farm throughout the whole of December, but of course it’s all worth it as they’re looking very well, even if the damp weather has got a few of them in a sour mood.


Like most of us over the festive period, our cattle have been enjoying plenty of delicious food. They’ve munched through over half of the hay and silage made last year, which does, as ever, bring on the usual worry of whether we will have enough of our own forage to last the remaining winter months. In the past if the winter lingers on we’ve had to buy in some good quality hay from our neighbours, lets hope we don’t have to this year.

And with the first week of the new year already behind us it’s not long now until calving (about 6 weeks) so at the moment we’re keeping an especially close eye on those cows due to give birth first, making sure they’re as healthy as possible.

The typical signs that the cows are ready for labour are when their udders being to swell, their teats become full and they separate themselves from the heard. Any problems that may arise tend to happen with the first-time mothers so we’ll group them away from the older animals in paddocks that are closer to the farm buildings just in case they need any special attention. We’ll let you know how we’re getting on in a few weeks.