Catching up with farmer Stu

Last week James and James caught up with our free-range turkey farmer Stu (all pictured below) down at Castlemead to check in on our Christmas birds. And it’s fair to say they’re doing pretty well!


The warm weather so far this year has been really good for both the turkeys and geese, providing plenty of fresh grass to feed on and already, they’re looking nice and plump.

At the moment, (you can see from the picture), they’re loving the outdoors, foraging about as they please, and will stay outside now until it’s Christmas time. Having said that though, we hear the last few days they’ve been dodging the rain somewhat – it’s been very wet!

And whilst you’re here, we’ll let you into a little secret; we’re running an extra special festive offer until the end of next month – if you order your Christmas turkey before the 30th November will pop in your box a FREE cranberry sauce and streaky bacon pack to enjoy on the big day too.

And don’t forget Thanksgiving either, which is held on Thursday 27th November, we’ve got a limited supply of turkeys available for the date so make sure you get your orders in quick to reserve yours. Just click here to buy.


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