Our Seasonal Wild Game

The wild game season is upon us, from now until February and we’re very excited about it.

Most of our game is sourced from the Mells Estate owned by Lord Oxford, as well as Barrow Farm Shoot, which is regarded as one of the best partridge shoots in the country, and Castlemead in Somerset.


At the moment the pheasants are looking really well as they enjoy the remnants of the year’s wheat and barley harvests. Pheasant makes for a particularly rich, intense meat, with a very earthy flavour, and will be available to buy in October. But if you want some game even sooner, partridge is already on the website (on special offer too!) and if you’re asking us, it’s a fantastic choice.

Partridge is great for maintaining a healthy lifestyle; it’s a very lean meat and an excellent source of protein and iron – in fact it typically contains about three times the amount of beef. And it’s flavour is brilliant too, very mellow and delicate providing a subtle introduction to those who aren’t so familiar with game meat.

Make sure you look out for Mallard too which will also be available to buy in October, and for more info on our wild game and the different seasons just click here.

The latest on our Christmas birds

All of our turkeys down at Castlemead are now about eight weeks old. When they were first born we kept them inside warm brooding sheds to protect them from the elements and any birds of prey (see our post below), but now that they are much bigger and stronger, and have fully developed all of their adult feathers, they’re definitely ready to roam outside.


Our farmer Stuart and his team are just finalizing the birds’ free-range houses; they’re putting in the water pipe this week and awaiting the arrival of a few more roof sheets (the old ones got damaged during the Winter last year).

Everything will be all up and running in a few days so our turkeys can be out in the field where they’ll be able to roam every day until Christmas.

And a little update on our geese too, they’re now four months old and have been outside for several weeks. They’re loving the open space and enjoying a diet of endless lush grass as well as some of Stuart’s homegrown rolled cereals and of course plenty of fresh water.


All of our Christmas birds and products will be online and available to order from Wednesday 1st October.