Now on to the hay

Last month we were busy silage making, but now it’s on to the hay.

Generally speaking the weather is much hotter at this time of year which is essential for drying out the cropped grass before it can be stored ready for our cattle to eat during the colder months.

Our cows aren’t too keen on the winter weather, they much prefer the sunshine – as long as there’s plenty of shade and fresh water on hand they love it. Down at Home Farm we actually have a stream that the cows have fun standing in to keep cool – James Flower’s gorgeous collie Molly loves to splash about in it too!


We normally begin the hay making process at the beginning of July; the sun’s shining, and the pastures are at their optimum nutritive value, just before they flower.

First we mow the grass right down before it’s allowed to dry in the sun as it turns into hay. We then use a baler to compress it all into a block which we then tie up with strong twines so it can be easily stored.

Our cows really benefit from having hay in the winter as it forms part of a natural, well-balanced and nutritious diet that they really enjoy – something that we’re really passionate about in our farming and business.


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