Our founder James Mansfield’s Christmas favourites…

James Mansfield's Christmas order

James’s Christmas order:

1 small Turkey

1kg Honey roast ham

1kg topside beef

Sausages in bacon

200g smoked salmon

Hot smoked trout

Somerset brie

Bath blue


We usually have a Beef Roast on Christmas Eve. It’s become a bit of a tradition of my Dad’s but since I’ve been running field&flower I haven’t been able to be there, so this will be enjoyed in my absence unfortunately.

We will have the smoked salmon as a bit of a starter before our Christmas meal. My dad does it, he fancies himself as a bit of a Rick Stein in the kitchen!

We normally have six at ours for Christmas lunch, so a small turkey means we get plenty of left-overs. I always think it’s nice to have a smaller turkey and then have a few other meats rather than having to just eat turkey for the next four days.

The cheese is for whoever can manage it after our Christmas lunch, but I prefer this and our honey roast ham on Boxing Day. I’m looking forward to enjoying our new chutney and pickle range from The Bay Tree too…perhaps I’ll just have to eat all day to get through everything.


Do you get to enjoy Christmas when you’re rushing around?

Not really, it’s our busiest time of year. We don’t like letting people down so if it means dragging family members in to help out last minute then it has to be done. My sister will testify to that! field&flower have only had two proper Christmas periods before so sometimes the amount of orders can catch us off guard. We were delivering turkeys to family and friends until 10pm last year on Christmas Eve. I enjoy eating our turkey on Christmas day knowing there are 250 people doing the same thing… I get the odd photo from friends tucking in which is nice, we’re hoping to see lots more this year as we’ll be running our first photo competition.


What’s your earliest Christmas memory?

Getting my stocking on Christmas morning, and my Dad falling asleep by 3pm.


What do you eat on Christmas morning?

My mum is the most traditional person in the world so we always have to have bucks fizz, croissants and jam!


What’s your favourite non-meat Christmas food?

Who wouldn’t say chocolate?


Who cooks the lunch in your house?

Last year dad and me, as my mum was working on Christmas Day.


How many are there in your house on Christmas day?

Normally 6 but every third year up to 20.


What time do you normally eat lunch?

Around 3pm but it can vary depending on the Queen’s Speech and the Christmas walk (via the pub).


Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?

It used to be seeing friends and wrapping presents but now it’s delivering turkeys and getting to the pub in time for last orders.


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