Autumn cooking with field&flower

autumn farm

With Autumn approaching it’s time to embrace the new flavours that have come into season. The Autumn harvest sees a huge variety of new vegetables, such as butternut squash, carrots, beetroot and wild mushrooms – just a few of our favourites. Venison, woodpigeon, lamb and rabbit are also particularly delicious at this time of the year.

Below are a few of our favourite Autumn recipe tips, we hope you enjoy them.

Mushroom and fillet steak

Mushrooms such as Portobello and button are now available and they work really well when sautéed in a bit of butter, garlic and parsley alongside a griddled fillet. Remember that when cooking fillet to cook them 3 minutes each side for medium and to rest for half the cooking time to allow the fillet to relax.

Lamb chops with pumpkin

Lamb chops served with pumpkin is a perfect Autumn recipe as both lamb and pumpkin are at their seasonal best. We recommend marinating the lamb chops with fennel, coriander and fresh mint leaves. You can serve the pumpkin roasted or as a salad but we like it best as a puree with the chops resting on top.

Venison roast with winter vegetables

We recommend using a wild venison haunch and marinating for several hours before cooking as this builds moisture in the meat. For your roasted vegetables we recommend using butternut squash, sweet potatoes and carrots. This is a delicious Autumn meal and definitely one of our favourites. Venison is very lean so be careful not to overcook it.

Roast beetroot and sweet potatoes

Roast beetroot with sweet potatoes are wonderful served with either a roast topside of beef or a leg of lamb. We suggest that you use beetroot, red onion and sweet potatoes thrown in together with your meat of choice. Cook in olive oil or British rape seed oil. Cook until vegetables are blistered brown and tender in the middle.

Wild rabbit stew

Wild rabbit is much leaner and tastier than farmed rabbit; it has a subtle gamey flavour and is best from July to December. Wild rabbit stew is a perfect dish for those cold Autumn nights. We recommend serving with seasonal vegetables such as butternut squash and carrots. Rabbit loves thyme and garlic too.

Lamb and aubergine curry

Perfect for a warm Autumn weekday meal our lamb and aubergine curry can be ready in half an hour. Use two packs of field&flower prime diced lamb and two aubergines cut into large chunks. We recommend adding fresh lime juice, fresh coriander and a little olive oil and mix well using a fork. Our Lamb is hung for 7 days which helps develop the flavour and tenderise the meat.


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