Beef and Pork Meatballs with Roasted Tomato Sauce


Serves 4-6

For the Roasted Tomato Sauce*

1 punnet of tomatoes (preferably still on the vine)
1 red pepper
1 red onion
1/2 garlic bulb
A few sprigs of thyme
A glug of olive oil
Salt and pepper

1. Start by pre-heating your over to 150C.  Roughly chop the onion and pepper, cut the garlic bulb in half but leave the skin on (you will pop the cloves from the skin once they’ve been roasted and are deliciously sweet).

2. Add all the vegetables to the roasting tray along with the thyme, a glug of olive oil and the seasoning.  Pop into the oven and roast for around 1.5 hours.

3. Remove from the oven when the aroma of tomatoes has made its way around your kitchen and the tomatoes are lovely and wrinkled.

4. Remove the garlic from its skin, pop the contents of the roasting tray into a food processor and blend, for how long depends on how chunky or smooth you like your sauce.

*This sauce can also be used for Lasagne, Bolognese and Chilli con carne

For the Meatballs

500g Field & Flower coarse cut minced beef

500g Field & Flower minced pork

Leaves of a sprig of thyme

12 sage leaves, finely chopped

Rind of one lemon

Sea salt & freshly ground black pepper

Olive oil

1.      Remove the mince from the fridge 30mins before making the meatballs

2.      Put all ingredients into a mixing bowl.

3.      Using your hands, thoroughly combine the ingredients by squeezing them together repeatedly.

4.      Form into golf sized balls.

5.      Heat a lug of olive oil in a frying pan and fry the meatballs until golden on the outside and cooked on the inside.  Drain the fat from the pan and add the roasted tomato sauce.  Simmer until the sauce is hot.

6.       Serve with a bowl of fresh linguine.



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